Case Study: L’Oreal – Leadership Development for Senior Leaders

Przygotowany przez:
Magdalenę Kulicką, PCC, CPCC
Eileen Gricuk, ACC, CPCC
Warszawa, I edycja – grudzień 2012 – 22 lipca 2013r.; II edycja – październik 2013 – kwiecień 2014


The main purpose of the workshop series was to enhance the performance of senior leaders and their teams.

As our group of participants were experienced and talented managers, our workshops aimed to build upon their strengths, in particular, to lead teams with inspiration, to communicate with positive impact and to support people development.

The overall goal was to create their individual leadership style to meet the needs of their teams as well as the business challenge.

What was done?

We created a program that included workshops with integrated one-on-one coaching sessions. The workshops were designed to be experiential with the participants gaining access to tools and models on person effectiveness, team dynamics, coaching and mentoring skills (based on the Co-Active Coaching Model).

The timing of the workshop and coaching delivery created a good environment for real, sustainable learning and possibility to make changes in behavior.

Testimonials and comments from participants:

General comments:

  • Very useful set of thoughts I will come back to many times
  • Very big thank you
  • Very enriching, useful, well prepared training! Definitely will improve the quality of my daily work & the way I act with my team.
  • One of the best I participated in.

Comments about delivery:

  • Excellent ability to create an atmosphere of trust, openness and learning!


  • Being more conscious about my abilities to influence others
  • My personal strengths
  • Ways to apply theory to practice
  • Being more conscious about me as a manager – my strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting some practical tools how to coach people
  • Shaping own vision of managerial excellence
  • Evaluating the needs of the team to function best
  • Talking to people to stimulate their growth
  • Holistic approach to peopleListen and ”dance” with people at that moment
  • Understanding my goals and my manifesto
  • What kind of leader I am, what kind of leader I would like to be?
  • See more – larger overview of situation

What will you be able to apply to your job?

  • Giving more adapted goals and responsibilities to my team;
  • Delegate more;
  • Inspire development and progress
  • Co-Active Model
  • Co-Active Coaching and Mentoring
  • Everything
  • Most of it
  • Every person is valuable and a good manager knows how to develop it and reveal it

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